The Beginning.

In September, Ralph mentioned the Caveman diet.  As with almost anything healthy, I’m a few steps behind him.  Finally in October, I decided to look into this new phenomenon and checked out Nerd Fitness’ The Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet. Anything that involves wild meat, eggs and lots of spinach – count me in! Not to mention the bod, with any chance I will turn from pudgy cave girl (43-36-46) to Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C. (36-23-36).

Let’s be perfectly clear that will not be happening in the next 30 days but making constant changes and improvements will eventually get me to a healthier physique. As we already live primarily on wild meat, meat and produce from local farmers (within a 500km radius) and anything else is 100% organic.

We started yesterday at noon. These are the steps we have taken to convert to the Caveman Lifestyle thus far:
  1. Packaging up all of the processed foods and grain products in our home.

  1. No rice – pack those up too!
  2. Giving away the majority of our dairy products, except butter, can’t live without butter.

  3. Using every ounce of sugar in the house to make hundreds of cookies that we are sending to Ralph’s son as a college care package and slight guilt tactic to get him home for the holidays.

  4. EAT! Vegan pancakes was our last gluten meal in the morning. So lunch was a delicious veggie frittata and bacon. Its a wonderful day when you don’t feel guilty about eating bacon!

  5. Don’t count calories.

  6. Invest in almond milk, especially chocolate it has so many uses. Chia pudding for one :)

  7. Eat when you are hungry and eat as much as you like.

  8. Render fat for lard, its a tough process but unless you want to eat bacon grease all of the time, it does make a difference. See this guide to help you out.

  9. Make jerky. If your oven can hold steady at 150F then you can make it with an oven.  We bought an outdoor smoker about a month ago for any left over fish from this summer. It has been amazing, thank you Bradley for making such a compact invention!

Recipes and more steps to come! Tips, warnings and recipes please! Help us become the best cave people in Fort McMurray, AB.

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